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Uneven Media is a design driven studio that combines motion graphics with creative writing to tell engaging narratives.

We dream like kids & craft like artisans. We imagine visions and execute ideas. We tell stories. We play music. We design. We iterate until what we have is perfect.

We will help you reach your audience through the use of effective communication & design.

Uneven Media offers an array of services to fill your media needs. We are a team of designers, writers, and marketing enthusiasts who enjoy collaborating with like-minded people to achieve our goals. Tap each icon to find out more about each service we offer.
This is our bread and butter. Whether you need video made for your business to promote a product or event, a presentation for a bid you're making, or just to jazz up your website, we got your back. From live to animated videos, we can make the magic happen.
We accompany our videos with catchy, engaging music produced in-house. We carefully pick tunes that match the feel of your video to give it that extra umph! Maybe it's a jingle that you need, or perhaps some guitar or piano acoustics. Either way, we will produce it for you.
There is no denial that in this day and age, a website is a must for any sort of promotion. Yes, there's facebook and twitter, but nothing expresses your online identity better than a website does. We will make sure that your look doesn't only match your identity, but also stands out.
So you have your great idea, your business plan, your business model, revenue model and a budget. Now, you need a following. You're going to need an image that your customers will love and trust. It just so happens that we love designing logos. Whether you're a startup looking to get off the ground, or an established company in need of a refresh, we will help you reach your branding goals.

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